The Municipal Government of Lapuyan is Happy to Welcome you to our website.

When Lapuyan adopted its mission, "We, Lapuyanons, are committed to adhere to participatory, responsive accountable local governnance that will promote moral, sustainable socio-economic development and judicious utilization of natural and human resources that will serve the basic needs of our community", it was because of the enviable advantage the municipality has in terms of agricultural land, marine resources, geographical location and eco-tourist spots.

   Historical Profile


The natives of Lapuyan belong to the Subanen tribe of Region IX .They are peace loving people who prefer to live along riverbanks up-stream in order to avoid the aggressive Moros who live along the coast. The word Subanen is derived from the word suba, or up-stream riverbank dwellers, because contracts with them can only be possible when one would go up-stream. These high land dwellers are also called getaw bentud.

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